Friday, March 16, 2007

What's up

Dear Daughter and I leave this afternoon for a weekend knitting retreat with our knitting group. I've restarted (surprise!) the vest - it was coming out too large. Yes, I did swatch. I should just about get that finished at the retreat. FLAK is finished - can't believe I forgot to post about that earlier. I actually got to wear it before it got warm here. It is cold and rainy today - great knitting weather! The trip will include a visit to a yarn shop I have been wanting to see. I will try not to buy any yarn. We'll see.

Just finished going through all my knitting magazines and making index cards for each project I would seriously consider knitting. I'm really glad I did it because there were a lot of things I had completely forgotten about. Now when I'm looking for a new project, I can flip through my index cards which are sorted into categories instead of looking through stacks of magazines. I tossed any issues with no patterns I liked and no good articles. I suppose I should do the same with my books, but I tend to remember basically what patterns are in a book - with magazines I have no clue usually.