Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Always Feels Like the Start of a New Year to Me

Wrap up from September - 3 more FOs:

And a major face lift for my work room! Before: (pic from realtor's site just to show the wall color)And after! I put a folding canvas chair in front of the window until I can find/afford a nice one. And a nice standing light. I love how it came out! The color is called 'Dockside Haze' and is a blue-green grey. So much more cheerful - I used to hate being in that room, but now I love it. I bought the 2 tables at Lowe's and took out all the random tables and desks I had been using for sewing/cutting. I also got some foam panels that I covered with cotton batting for a 'Design Wall.' Now I can also get some quilts finished/made - tossing the fabric stash as well! Hopefully this month's update will include a pieced batik shower curtain that I've wanted to make ever since we moved here.
As far as Stashdown goes, I managed to finish in the green again by giving away a lot of yarn I know I'll never use! Last night I was browsing my yarn stash on ravelry - If I keep knitting at my current pace, I have enough stash to knit for the next 4-6 years without buying more. (That's IF I knit 12-16 sweaters and 5-10 shawls a year!) Starting next month, I'm going to try to limit yarn purchases to one per month (too late already for October :P) I don't need to be spending money on yarn - instead I'm going to try to tuck some away so Emma and I can go to NYC for her Spring Break.
And in the spirit of fresh starts, I'm going to start going to Yoga 2-3 times a week, walking/biking/hiking at least 5 times a week, doing some light work with weights after I walk/bike, and try to lose 5 pounds a month in October, November, and maybe December!