Monday, April 28, 2008

More frogging and a new project that's already done!

I frogged the Silky Wool sweater and tossed the cotton patiné top. I tried the Silky Wool sweater on and wasn't happy enough with what was already knit to keep on. The cotton patiné top I would have worn if I'd been able to knit the sleeves, but I really didn't like it as a sleeveless top. I didn't frog it because of the fading.

One pedicure sock is done, I'll post pictures when I finish the other one - I'm about 1/2 way through now. The Cache Coeur is being edged. Which is very tedious. And involves picking up lots of stitches. And doing this cool 4-wrap stitch which is a complete pain to slide along the circular cable up to the needle to be knit. I literally spent hours coaxing the stitches along for one side edging. I think when I get the energy up to tackle the next side I will use a bunch of dpns to do the wrapped stitches. This may take awhile...

I started and finished a mug cozy in a day.

Can anyone say "Christmas presents"?

And, here's a better picture of the back of the Yoga Hoodie -

Monday, April 21, 2008

Completed: 1 Started: 2 Frogged: 1

The Yoga Hoodie is done - I love it! Here's a shot before blocking -

I cast on for some Pedicure Socks from knitty and the Cache Coeur from Weekend Knits.

Ravelry is really getting my knitting organized! It's so nice to have all the things I want to knit stored in one place, plus a stash inventory and a list of other peoples' projects to check for tips, problems, yarn substitutions, etc. (That's how I decided to knit the Yoga Hoodie with the Cotton Ease in my stash.) At first I was putting everything I wanted to knit into my queue which got huge fast. Then I decided to only put things in my queue that I expect to knit in the (fairly) near future. The rest are listed as favorite patterns. I've also enjoyed clicking on the yarn tab to see what others have made with yarns I have and how they liked them. I haven't participated much in the forums yet, although I do have several areas I keep up with.

The Malabrigo sweater is no more. Rather than just ripping back to the armholes I decided to rip it all the way out and return the yarn to the stash. Not sure right now what I want to knit with it.

Time to check on the goals for this year again:

  1. Shawl-collared vest COMPLETE
  2. Fix DH's sweater DONE
  3. Finish Tangled Yoke DONE
  4. Toggles on CPH
  5. Finish Malabrigo sweater FROGGED
  6. Finish Silky Wool sweater (UFO - needs sleeves)
  7. Finish Cotton Patiné top (UFO - seam and knit edging for armholes)
  8. Bird's Nest shawl (UFO - 33% completed)
  9. Heartland shawl (UFO - maybe 15% completed)
  10. Lamb's Pride cardigan FROGGED
  11. Einstein coat (UFO - about 60% completed)
  12. Celtic Knot FROGGED

So I've dealt with half of my list - either by finishing or frogging. Hopefully I'll get 5-8 done this spring and summer and finish up the Einstein and CPH this fall.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New project alert!

I actually cast on for this a little over a week ago. It's the Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie from WEBS. I've never knit a sweater from the top down before, and I'm loving it! The hood is done, but not seamed yet, the sleeves are done, and last night I started on the lower body. Can't wait to get to the cable in the center back. I hope to have it done to wear to my knitting group next week.

I finished the back panel of the Not-so-warm Einstein and put it away for the season. It's not good to knit with a big old pile of wool in your lap this time of year! The other day I pulled the warm-weather projects out of the bin -

Silky wool swearter - 2 strands knit as one - 1 of rust, 1 of brown. Just needs sleeves.
Bird's Nest Shawl. One third done. Two strands of KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud.

Heartland Shawl. Henry's Attic Monty 3/9.

There's one other project I forgot to photograph - a cabled sweater in Cotton Patiné that has had a traumatic childhood. I knit all the pieces, but the sleeves faded (not sure why - I don't think they were in the sun...) so much that they don't look like the same yarn. The current plan is to leave the sleeves off and make it into a sleeveless top. We'll see. It may end up in the trash.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Frog Day

I ripped out the Shoulder Scarf to be restarted - there was a small strange place that bothered me and I couldn't seem to straighten it out so I'm starting over. I hadn't got far, so no big deal. I also made the decision and ripped the Lamb's Pride Cardigan and am in the process of ripping the Celtic Knot sweater. It came to me that if I don't pick a project back up when the season rolls around again, there's a reason. Both of these were heavily modified patterns and I can't remember exactly what I was thinking or doing, even though I did keep (pithy) notes. I've probably progressed enough since setting them aside that I wouldn't do them the same way now. Sometimes you just need to retain the lessons learned and move on. The Malabrigo sweater is next. I don't think it will be as hard to rip that as it was to rip out all those lovely cables. That takes 2 more projects off my to-do list for the year! I think April is spring cleaning month in one Ravelry group I'm in - UFOs. Knit ‘em, rip ‘em, or toss ‘em!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Finished Objects!

The Tangled Yoke and Rib Warmer are both done!

I used grosgrain ribbon on the Tangled Yoke button flap to make the buttons more likely to stay on and not damage the knitting. It could really use ribbon on the buttonhole side, but I'm not sure I'll be able to psych myself up for all the measuring and sewing involved. It's a bit snug on me, which would be fine if the buttons would stay closed, but it looks better on DD.

I ended up using an odd skein of Silk Garden to edge the rib warmer instead of my Einstein Kureyon. The pattern called for 5 inches of kniting under each arm before turning to go up the fronts. I thought that sounded like too much and only knit 4 inches, but I wish I'd knit only about 2 'cause the arm holes are a little big. I wasn't sure what effect decreasing rows there would have on the whole entity, never having seen one of these in the flesh before. I figured this would be a test run. I've ordered a leaflet from Schoolhouse Press with other options. I have to say that I do like this versions method of doing the back in one piece (not being a fan of seaming in general and seaming garter in particular!)

And I've started something new - the Anne Shoulder Scarf only in Smooshy instead of Anne. Love the color - it's called Good Luck Jade. This was souvenier yarn - from Island Knits in Pawley's Island, SC. Spring break was good knitting/reading/watching movie weather.

A little stash enhancement -

Donegal Tweed from Orchardside and Araucania Naturewool from Yarnela (eBay.) Probably the tweed for a vest - no idea on the Araucania. It may be my favorite yarn ever and I am hoarding it. I have eggplant, brick, tan, blue-green, and a few odd skeins of light blue and brown. I want more.