Friday, May 29, 2009

Reality Check

But first - here's the Travel Shawl that I finished last month -I like it and have used it several times on chilly days. I think it will travel very well.

I finally found some ziplocs that are the perfect size for a sweater's worth of yarn. Consequently I've started zipping up the stash. Consequently it's become apparent to me just how much yarn I have. OMG. New rule for the stash management plan starting June 1 - I must knit twice as much as I buy. This is ridiculous. (I know I should just stop buying yarn - I've tried that. It doesn't work. When I cave, and it will happen, it's NOT pretty.)
So how has May gone so far? Let's check those goals:

1. Continue to work on Apres Surf. Finishing would be nice. But lace on 3's is slow going. Plus there's a hood. Still plugging away. I've worked on this a LOT this month.
2. Finish the Blackberries scarf already! Geez. I worked on it. A little.
3. Pull out my mostly finished top-down raglan in Seafoam Comfy. Work on it. Do a few rows count?
4. I really should finish up the afghan that's supposed to go to college with DD. It's out of the box at least.
5. Start Amelia. Doing great on this one - body is done to the 'pits, sleeve 1 is done, sleeve 2 is well underway.

And on the stash management front - I've knit over 1300 yards and bought 1000. That puts me down about 300 yards for the last 3 months.

While we're here, lets put June's knitting goals out there:
1. Finish Amelia.
2. Finish Apres Surf.
3. Finish Blackberries. (Don't laugh!)
4. Finish Seafoam raglan.
5. Finish college afghan.
6. Cast on for Whisper cardigan. Finish it.
7. Start Featherweight cardigan.

Oh yeah, that 1000 yards I bought this month?

Sundara FSM in Canadian Wilderness.