Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Update

My not-quite-finished ravelympics project - I was hoping to complete 17 afghan squares, but only finished 15.5 due to injury. Earlier this month I finished my Loppem in Sundara Worsted. My current favorite sweater!
Goals set/accomplished for the month:
- Loppem in Sundara Worsted - DONE! (see pic above)
- Citron in Shadow - started but set aside for ravelympics
- 19 (what was I thinking?!) afghan squares - 16.5 completed. (15.5 during ravelympics plus one made beforehand)

I don't feel like setting goals for March. I will knit whatever I want to knit. Gosh.

In February I did manage to knit/destash 8682 yards and only acquired 3021, so that's a Stashwin!