Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mid-April Update

My finished afghan! This was fun - I really enjoyed playing with color combinations. Too bad I had to pack it away for warm weather already, but it will be a treat to pull out next fall.

Abalone is also done, but I don't have good pictures yet. I'm about 1/3 way through with a simple ribbed raglan in this yarn -

I am in the process of casting off my Citron. 540 stitches take awhile. I have my yarn wound and my pattern printed for Wandering the Moor. I'm using a pretty dark blue fingering from Yarn Chef. (I seem to be on a Yarn Chef kick lately.)

I am well in the green for stashdown* this quarter so far, even when taking into account the yarn I ordered today - more Yarn Chef! I sold a sweater's worth of cotton yarn, gave a skein of Aran Silky Merino for a contest prize, and gave away a Philosopher's Wool sweater kit. That's on top of finishing an afghan and a sweater.

*stashdown is a joint effort by a group of confessed yarn snobs on ravelry to reduce the size of our stashes! We've realized that we really don't need enough yarn for 50 sweaters, 100 shawls, 100 pairs of socks, etc. Personally, I'm trying to make sure a lot more goes out (via finished projects, sales, and gifts) than comes in until I get my stash to a less overwhelming size. Right now it fills up 12 bins and a drawer. I think about 1/3 of that would be more reasonable.