Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Jobs are Interfering with my Knitting...

My to -do list is getting longer and longer and the FOs are few and far between.

Still working on February's YOTM, have yet to start March's YOTM.

In addition to having less time to knit, I've had some test knitting both for myself and for others that is taking up all my knitting time right now. By the end of the month I hope to finish my pattern that I'm testing and my 6th test knit for Romi. Hopefully next month I'll finish the YOTM projects for February, March, and April. I started a cardigan because I need one, but it's warming up now so that may go into hibernation for the summer.

So, to sum up, there is knitting going on but nothing to show for it!

Here's a picture of the pretty yarn I'm using for the Romi test-knit -

It's Merino Drip from Grey Drizzle Fiber Arts in Rusted. I loves it.

Oh, and some good news, my scarf pattern (Stacked) was accepted by Knit Picks for their Independent Designer Program. They're going to send me yarn to knit a sample for them to photograph. Something else for the to-do list.

And I've been buying yarn. Lots of yarn. Mostly madelinetosh but also Yarn Chef and now I want some more Merino Drip. Every yarn I knit with I want more of. I loved the doubled Creme Brulee stole from January's YOTM project so much that I ordered 2 more skeins of CB to make something else with. So much for stash reduction.