Monday, April 4, 2011

(Yarn) Dieting is Hard...

FOs first: Asterope - test knit #6 for Romi, and possibly my favorite of the bunch so far. Looks complicated, but I had less trouble than I had with the garter stitch shawls. I don't know what it is, but I have issues with garter stitch. Just ask the ladies I knit with. This is the reknit of Stacked in the yarn Knit Picks sent me -modeled by Mr. Jefferson. Good color for him I think.
Now the part where I fell off the yarn-diet wagon.

2 skeins of Creme Brulee because I loved knitting with it doubled when I made This color is 'Cinnamon Dust.'

Lace-weight cashmere - 'Temptress'.
Very aptly named. I had no intention of buying anything from Yarn Chef's latest update since I'd bought the Creme Brulee above in February and had her hold it until she shipped me a special order. Meet Plum Pudding -

A whole dye-lot of Mulligatawny. One of my favorite bases. Which is being discontinued. :(

So Katy (the Yarn Chef) is dyeing up batches for me every month in different colors based on a (long) list of requests. That means I'll have to knit up 2200 yards every month just to stay in the green IF I don't buy any other yarn. But I'll be happy when she runs out and I have a nice bin full of Mulligatawny.

I lucked out in the first quarter and had a couple of unexpected yarn sales push me (barely) into the green just before it ended. I'm starting quarter 2 in a very deep hole. But it's nice in here with all this lovely yarn :)