Monday, June 13, 2011

The Designing Bug - I haz it...

Here's the 2nd knit of my new pattern which is now up on Ravelry!

And here's the start of the 3rd go -

That yarn I drew for this month? I knew I wanted to pair it with another skein of Sundara Sock I have -

so I went browsing throught the gazillion 2-color shawl patterns I have faved on Ravelry. But you know what? I want to design something myself :) So I pulled out a sketch from I-don't-know-when of a shawl idea I had, thought about how to make it 2-color, drug out a bunch of stitch pattern books and shawl-construction ideas and got to work! No idea if it's going to work out - I've ripped and reknit the beginning about 10 times. And about 6" in I can tell that I should have done some things differently. So it hasn't been the smooth process that my Litchfield pattern was but that's okay. They can't all go that well! If it's a total flop, I'll rip it out. That's the cool thing about knitting, right?

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  1. I doubt that I could ever do a knitting design. Although I have no problem following patterns, I don't "get" knitting enough to figure out a pattern on my own. Plus the fact that I really don't like having to rip back and start over.
    Laura, what yarns did you use for your second shawl.. the browns and white? I'm going to a knitting show on Friday and maybe I can find them. I know, I'm a copy cat.. you have good taste, what can I say?