Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Timing is everything

I had the idea for my lastest design months ago, but had planned to work on it for a fall release. For some reason it demanded to be moved up in my design queue - I guess I had a craving for acres of garter stitch.
The initial inspiration was Praire style stained glass, but it reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings, and I did some research and had a name all picked out based on the name of a house he designed. I did all the math, decided on colors, ordered yarn, wrote the pattern, drew the schematic, and knit the stole. The very next day I was reading Game of Thrones and read this passage: "Black and white and grey, all the shades of truth." You can see why I felt like I had to change the name to 'All the Shades of Truth'!

Yesterday was Peter Carl Fabergé's birthday (hmm, an accent and an apostrophe look weird together...) and I wish I had known it ahead of time. I would have had a sale on my Fabergé pattern. It occured to me that it might be interesting to know when Frank Lloyd Wright's birthday was - turns out it's next Friday! When I released this latest pattern, I put it on sale through next Friday in honor of his birthday. I have to remember to check out the Google Doodle that day :)

And how often does this happen? I 'drew' this back in March on the computer -

and here's the finished item -

Pretty darn close!