Friday, September 26, 2014

How I spent my summer

Back in June my husband retired. After spending chunks of just about every summer in Canada we were looking forward to spending the entire summer there. The kids are on their own (more or less) so we sold our house and hit the road. We spent a few days in Maine and Quebec before heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia where we found an apartment for a couple of months. We couldn't find a furnished one that was affordable, so we ended up on the 4th floor (the attic basically) of an old house in what is normally a student apartment (we were right next to Dalhousie University).

We had a futon, some folding chairs, and a gorgeous flowerpot on our little deck.

No TV, limited internet, but lots of interesting places to go. My goal was to keep working on the road just as I would have at home. I was moderately successful at this. Lack of internet/Netflix made it hard to just sit and knit sometimes but I was always knitting in the car or when we were out and about.

Right after we left Halifax to head to Newfoundland my laptop started to die. This made working much more difficult and I struggled with the sweater pattern I was working on during that part of the trip. Thankfully I have very patient test knitters :)

Here is the pile of what I knit during our time away -

4 adult sweaters, 2 baby sweaters, 2 wraps, 2 cowls, 3 pairs of mitts and a headband. In the same time period last year I knit 4 adult sweaters, 4 shawls, and 2 cowls, so maybe I was a little more productive? In any case it was a very inspirational trip and I'm planning an eBook of patterns inspired by our trip through Newfoundland on the way home. Yes, we went north to go south :) The first two patterns have already gone up. I am releasing them every week or two and they are on sale for that week at 40% off. After that, they aren't available until the collection comes out in November. Grey Islands was the first pattern -

It isn't currently available but the thumb-less version is and it's free!

Dark Tickle just went up so is available for a week -

It was a great experience and we need to sit down once we get ourselves reoriented and figure out what's next! My knitting makes it a bit more difficult to be nomadic - we could live out of backpacks if I didn't need yarn and needles and a computer and internet :)