Friday, January 2, 2015

Looking Back/Looking Ahead

2014 in review

  • I knit 7 hats, 13 cowls, 21 garments, 5 pairs of mitts, and 8 wraps for a total of 54 items. A tad more than one FO per week! 
  • I released 33 patterns which increased my catalog by 65%!

Goals for 2015
I really only have one - BALANCE
2014 was my first full year of working at this business full-time. I felt like I really needed to push myself to turn a hobby business into a real source of income for my family. My husband retired in 2014 and it was the perfect time for me to shift into high gear and produce. In 2015 I want to try to be more efficient, work smarter, take some of the pressure off of myself. I neglected myself to some extent and I need to make time for exercise and relaxation. I still plan to work full-time, just not ALL the time :)  I'm not complaining, I really enjoyed it, but I think another year or two like last year would just burn me out and I really don't want that. I love what I'm doing and hope to keep doing it for awhile yet!

Plans for January - I have 3 patterns in the works that I hope to release together mid-month and host a KAL for in my Ravelry group. There's a jumper -

a pullover -

and a wrap (still in progress) -

stay tuned!