Thursday, February 12, 2015

February releases

Don't the colors of the samples for this month's releases look great together?

Woodwork was released last week - it's a 'substantial' scarf according to Knit of the Day :)

Glace Bay was released today and you can catch it on sale if you hurry! 

Ingonish is coming soon! Here's a sneak peek -

I also rolled out a new Volume Discount this month. If you spend $25 or more in my Ravelry pattern shop at once, you'll get 25% off of your entire purchase! 

It's feeling a bit more like winter around here this evening - we even had some flurries :)  I'm still hoping for at least one good snowfall before the season is over! Happy knitting!


  1. I just found your patterns. I like your eye for color. Your
    FLWright take my breathe away. The clarity of simple is rich indeed. The colors and your eye for design is amazing. I am so happy to have found your collections and I Want to Knit them all. I admire your work immensely. Do you have a Ravelry group, if not do you want one. Cheryl on Ravelry cherylVirginiad

    1. Yes I do have a Ravelry group! If you look on my designer page on Rav there is a link to it. Thank you so much!