Thursday, September 13, 2007 I've been knitting instead of posting...

Since last we met-

  • Soy Silk Shawl for Mom (former UFO)
  • Faux Russian Stole from 'A Gathering of Lace' in Baby Alpaca Silk (from stash yarn)
  • Charlotte's Web in my own hand-dye (former UFO)
  • Diamond Fantasy shawl in Koigu (former UFO)
  • Calorimetry in Cascade 220 Tweed (from stash yarn)
  • Irish Hiking Scarf in Cascade 220 Tweed (from stash yarn)
  • Another dishcloth (or two)

In progress:

  • Top down sweater in Malabrigo (uh, not from stash yarn - from vacation yarn)
  • Wedgie scarf in Noro Kureyon (from stash yarn)
  • Tangled Yoke cardigan in Aruacuania Nature Wool (from stash yarn)

Oh, and I'm quilting again - (from stash fabric...)