Friday, January 18, 2008

2008 Knitting Goals

  • Shawl-collared vest (new)
  • Fix DH's sweater (needs to be lengthened)
  • Finish Tangled Yoke (needs buttons and underarm seams)
  • Toggles on CPH
  • Finish Malabrigo sweater (UFO - just needs sleeves and neckband)
  • Finish Silky Wool sweater (UFO - I think it just needs sleeves)
  • Finish Cotton Patine top (UFO - seam and knit edging for armholes)
  • Bird's Nest shawl (UFO - maybe 25% completed)
  • Heartland shawl (UFO - maybe 15% completed)
  • Lamb's Pride cardigan (finish or rip - needs sleeves, seaming)
  • Einstein coat (UFO - about 20% completed)
  • Celtic Knot (UFO - about 30% complete)

I'm sure other things will slip in there as well, but I'd really like to clean out the UFOs. I find it hard to remember exactly what I was doing when I let them marinate too long. I should take better notes, but this is supposed to be fun, not a job, right?

I did finish 45 items last year. 5 sweaters, 1 vest, 5 shawls, 1 hat, 4 Calorimetrys/ies?, 1 felted bag (that morphed into a cat mat,) 5 scarves, 6 Itty Bitty bears, 2 pairs of felted clogs, 1 pair fulled socks, 1 felted box, and 13 dishcloths. Surely I can manage the 12 items listed this year.

The shawl-collared vest I started 2 days ago is in "Handknitting with Meg Swansen" and I'm using 3-ply wool from the MacAusland Woolen Mill on PEI. It has lots of lanolin and I'm hoping it will help heal my sore, dry fingertips.

The husband sweater was much worn last winter, but he would like it a bit longer, so I will rip back to where I joined the sleeves and add a bit, then reknit the top. No big deal, and a lot easier than knitting a whole new sweater.

I should've finished the Tangled Yoke a couple of months ago, but I'm having trouble finding buttons and I'm putting off seaming the underarms.

The Central Park Hoodie is technically a finished object and was worn quite a bit last year, but I think I would prefer being able to close it, so have found toggles and just need to decide how I want to proceed. I will be doing loops of some sort, possibly like those in the shawl-collared vest pattern.

The rest are just UFOs that have been sitting too long. One or two may end up being ripped out rather than finished. More details as I get to them. The plan is to tackle the list from the top down, but I reserve the right to change the order or to jump around, working some here and some there. Whatever it takes to keep me moving through the list. There are lots of new projects clamoring to be knit, but I think 10 works-in-progress is plenty.