Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What did I wear before I finished this vest?

I finished the knitting except for the button tabs a few days ago, and started wearing it as soon as it dried after blocking. I got the buttons and tabs on two days ago. It's very warm and comfortable to wear, although I do need to wear it with a turtleneck, which is okay since I can't stand to have my neck exposed in cold weather anyway. While I was working on it, my fingers did get better, but that may have been partially due to the warm weather we were having. Now it's cold again, I'm done with the vest, and my fingers are starting to split :o( Maybe I should fondle one of the remaining skeins twice a day?

I've ripped out the ribbing on Husband's sweater and knit most of the additional stockinette. I inadvertently picked up 6's instead of 7's and didn't realize it until I noticed a definite ridge where I started knitting again. By then I'd knit too much to rip out, so I'm hoping that blocking will disguise the ridge and that the tighter gauge will work okay since DH's hips are smaller than his tummy!
I've decided to use some grosgrain ribbon on the buttonband of the Tangled Yoke cardigan. I really hate sewing buttons on knit garments, and I'm hoping the ribbon will help make the job easier and more durable.

I'm really not happy with the patterns the variegation is making in the Malabrigo sweater. It looks better on the reverse side, so I guess I will wear it that way unless I decide to rip it out. It's hard to alternate skeins to avoid that issue when you're knitting in the round!