Friday, March 21, 2008

Re-evaluating 3 months in

Original goals for this year:
  • Shawl-collared vest (new) COMPLETE
  • Fix DH's sweater (needs to be lengthened) DONE
  • Finish Tangled Yoke (needs buttons and underarm seams) Underarms done
  • Toggles on CPH
  • Finish (???) Malabrigo sweater (UFO - just needs sleeves and neckband)
  • Finish Silky Wool sweater (UFO - I think it just needs sleeves)
  • Finish Cotton Patine top (UFO - seam and knit edging for armholes)
  • Bird's Nest shawl (UFO - maybe 25% completed)
  • Heartland shawl (UFO - maybe 15% completed)
  • Lamb's Pride cardigan (finish or rip - needs sleeves, seaming)
  • Einstein coat (UFO - about 20% completed) Now over half-way done
  • Celtic Knot (UFO - about 30% complete)

I guess that's not too bad for less than 3 months work. I have started another project - a version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Rib Warmer Vest that was in an old issue of Knitters Magazine. I'm nearly halfway done with that. I was wearing the Shawl-collared vest so much I figured I must need another vest! I'm using some Bartlett 2-ply I got on eBay years ago. It's a pretty Bronze color. It's been hanging out in the work basket with the Noro Einstein coat and they look so nice together that I may use some of that Noro for the i-cord edging.

I've modified the Einstein design by knitting the body in one piece for a few inches to avoid having batwing sleeves. I'm pretty much flying by the seat of my pants with this one, making it up as I go along. As you can tell from my past history, I'm not put off by the idea of ripping it out if it doesn't work.

Speaking of ripping out - I'm leaning that way on the Malabrigo sweater. I love the yarn and the sweater is just not living up to expectations. Someone at my knitting group was telling me of a way to alternate yarns when knitting in the round. I may start over trying that. I've pulled out the Celtic knot pullover and Lamb's Pride cabled cardigan, but no decisions yet on their fates.