Friday, April 4, 2008

Finished Objects!

The Tangled Yoke and Rib Warmer are both done!

I used grosgrain ribbon on the Tangled Yoke button flap to make the buttons more likely to stay on and not damage the knitting. It could really use ribbon on the buttonhole side, but I'm not sure I'll be able to psych myself up for all the measuring and sewing involved. It's a bit snug on me, which would be fine if the buttons would stay closed, but it looks better on DD.

I ended up using an odd skein of Silk Garden to edge the rib warmer instead of my Einstein Kureyon. The pattern called for 5 inches of kniting under each arm before turning to go up the fronts. I thought that sounded like too much and only knit 4 inches, but I wish I'd knit only about 2 'cause the arm holes are a little big. I wasn't sure what effect decreasing rows there would have on the whole entity, never having seen one of these in the flesh before. I figured this would be a test run. I've ordered a leaflet from Schoolhouse Press with other options. I have to say that I do like this versions method of doing the back in one piece (not being a fan of seaming in general and seaming garter in particular!)

And I've started something new - the Anne Shoulder Scarf only in Smooshy instead of Anne. Love the color - it's called Good Luck Jade. This was souvenier yarn - from Island Knits in Pawley's Island, SC. Spring break was good knitting/reading/watching movie weather.

A little stash enhancement -

Donegal Tweed from Orchardside and Araucania Naturewool from Yarnela (eBay.) Probably the tweed for a vest - no idea on the Araucania. It may be my favorite yarn ever and I am hoarding it. I have eggplant, brick, tan, blue-green, and a few odd skeins of light blue and brown. I want more.