Friday, April 3, 2009

Previously on Tossing the Stash...

Former plan:

finish Blackberry scarf - put on back burner for now as it wasn't done in time for gifting
finish Ribbed Hoodie - put on other back burner for now as it needs reknitting from armpits up and I can't deal with a heavy wool sweater right now anyway
sweater from one of my Sundara FSMs for Knitalong - still chugging along, but not finished as planned
start Yarn Chef project for Knitalong - did, but have decided I don't like the pairing of the Picholine Cafe au Lait and Wakame, so I cast on for another YC project last night

finish Yarn Chef project - this will happen
Random Small Project - I think the new YC project qualifies
Amelia - still planning to start it this month

Random Bigger Project - reknitting Picholine as a top-down raglan?
more that I will decide later - let's wrap up that Blackberries scarf, shall we?

So March went bust, although I did manage to knit 1520 yards more than I bought, but April seems to be on schedule so far. I do hope to finish Apres Surf this month also. I'll decide what I want to do in May at the end of this month.

Here's the new Yarn Chef project:

A zigzag lace rib cowl in Brickworks Mulligatawny. This color is yummy. It makes me happy :o)