Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stash Management Plan

Using Ravelry's handy-dandy download of stash into Excel, and knowing I average around 30 yards knit per day, I figured out that it will take me 12 years to knit up my stash. Although it's kind of a relief to find out I haven't (hopefully) reached SABLE ("Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy") status, it occurs to me that I do need to try to keep the outflow slightly higher than the inflow. With this in mind, and using that cool knit-o-meter feature, I am resolving to knit more yardage than I acquire every month. I can bank deficits just in case there's a big purchase I want to make. (For instance, 3 skeins of Sundara's Fingering Silky Merino would be 1500 yards, meaning I'd have to average >50 yards a day to buy a sweater's worth.) This also gives me incentive to keep my knit yardage up since it won't 'go to waste' if I don't use it that month. There needs to be a penalty for non-compliance.... how about NO yarn can be bought the following month?*

To make it interesting, I'm going to use my job-jar approach whenever I can. Depending on what else is on my needles in a given month, I'll draw from my big project and/or small project stash jars and knit with whatever yarn comes up. Ravelry will make finding a suitable project for the chosen yarn easy, and it will be fun to revisit yarns I feel in love with once upon a time.

Some progress to report - I finished the first sleeve of my Sand and Surf hoodie:

Words can't express how much I love this yarn and this colorway. Cool oceany aqua and warm sandy taupe.

* Yarn bought in Sundara's sweater subscription is exempt from this. 1500 yards of this showed up this week. Technically it was bought before I started this.