Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Update

First, addenda to the stash management rules:

1. Swapped for yarn does not count, even if you are swapping 480 yards of silk/cashmere for 1500 yards of silk/merino.

2. Vacation (souvenier) yarn does not count. Be it emergency yarn to make mitts to enable knitting on a boat, Silk Garden bought for just-in-case crochet project for flying, or 3 skeins of yummy Dream in Color Classy in a long-coveted colorway. (I like to buy my DiC in person, so I have to take advantage, ya know?)

With those new rules in mind, I bought 700 yards in July and knit 1692. :o)

Finished this month:
Whisper -
which I wore all over London on our trip!
And Whale Watch mitts which I made in one day, making up the pattern as I went along!

July Goals:
1. Finish Whisper - Done!
2. Finish Melody - Nope.
3. Start/finish Featherlight - Started but not finished.

August Goals:
1. Finish Aestlight
2. Finish College afghan for DD
3. Finish Featherweight

I'm not listing Melody because I've decided to always have a Melody on the needles for my mindless knitting.