Thursday, October 1, 2009

End of September Update

Well, the stash photos insist on being first -
Sundara FSM in Sun the Painter: Sundara FSM in Serengeti:
Yarn Chef Creme Brulee in Fossil:
Finished objects -

Ingenue Slippers:
Blackberries scarf:
Alpaca scarf:
Melody Shawl:
Meandering Vines Wrap:
A couple of these have been languishing for awhile, so it was good to get them done.

I did manage to knit/destash more than I bought this month. Not twice as much, but still a decent amount considering how hard I hit the Knit Picks Lace sale. I will do better in October!

Christmas knitting is on my mind, and there is quite a bit planned. Some sweaters, some vests, some mitts, hats, cowls, wraps, a bit of everything.
October knitting goals:
  • Finish Celtic tote
  • Start Coraline
  • Knit Dad's mitts I promised on Father's Day
  • Get 1/3 of my Christmas knitting done
  • Plod along on my Slipped Hours and Melody II (or III)


  1. Well you certainly have been busy knitting- I'm impressed by your output both quantity and quality. love the blackberries and the meandering vine.

  2. omg, you get a lot done!
    I thought you mentioned an intention to go back to quilting? I was hoping to be able to meet you in Oct or Nov for a retreat, but I am soooo broke. Next year for sure, okay?