Sunday, November 1, 2009

Much better, thanks!

I knit a lot this month!

Charity hats:
Felicity/Toasty sets for DD and her BFF:

Plus more mitts for Dad, an earflap hat for DS, a cardigan for DD that needs buttons and finishing touches, a surprise for her that I can't tell you about, clogs for DD that need felting, and I'm almost done with a tote that will also need felting.
Only 3 stash enhancements, 2 of which have yet to arrive. This is Sundara Sport Merino in Leaves of Grass which is being made into a Slanting Gretel already.

The other purchases were 2 skeins of Sundara FSM in Granite Falls which won't arrive for a couple of months, and the last installment of the Sante Fe FSM, all of which is due to arrive Monday.
Total yards knit in October: 3464
Total yards destashed in October: 2920
Total yards bought in October: 2625
For a net loss this month of 3759 yards! (Not double the yards bought, but way better than the past few months!) The only October goal I failed to meet was finishing that tote, but I am really close on that one - got held up trying to find the mesh to reinforce the bottom.

November Goals:
-Finish Coraline
-Finish Slipped Hours
-Finish Slanting Gretel

I still have some knitting I want to get done by Christmas - Stan's cardigan and some mitts for his mother, and maybe a wrap for my mom, but I may not work on them until December. I did a lot of obligatory knitting in October and now I want to work on some fun stuff!