Monday, August 20, 2012

Mission Impossible Indeed

I thought it was a cute idea to call the test knit for my new pattern 'Mission Impossible' because I was going to give my testers specific 'missions' based on their answers to a quesionnaire and the different options I needed tested. Little did I know that the process would live up to its name! My own life got crazy, and some of my testers had their own issues. The original deadline has been bumped twice and I barely met it myself :)

This is what gave me the idea for this new design - it's the beginning of Derecho.

I liked the minimalist look of a few stripes at one end, and thought it would be pretty paired with the edging I used on Merrywood.

This was the result of the merging of those two ideas:

While knitting what I called the 'Porch Shawl', I was thinking about other striping options for the center and other border options. This led to the 'Deck Shawl' -

and the 'Sailing Shawl' -

I was trying to think of a name while driving to Williamsburg to pick up my daughter. There's a huge drawbridge we cross that is a favorite spot for our family. The bridge's southern end is located at a tiny community called Jordan Point. Between all the houses on the river with porches and decks and the sailboats at the marina beside the bridge, Jordan Point seemed like a good name.

I'm still waiting to hear back from some testers on yardage, but hopefully this impossible mission will finally be completed!