Friday, September 7, 2012

Lucky break

After promising a scarf/cowl version of All the Shades of Truth back in May, I picked out the yarn and colors for the cowl, which I wanted to knit first, pretty quickly. Since I wanted it to be soft and drapey, I stuck with the tosh merino light that I used for the stole. I found color inspiration in a stained glass skylight that Frank Lloyd Wright had in his studio.

I worked on this project on and off for 3 months, just occasionally pondering the scarf version. I had found a picture of a FLW house that I thought echoed the shapes in the design, and used that as a place holder on my Ravelry project page. Two or three weeks ago, I decided to do the scarf in tosh alpaca sport. It would be cozier and have more body than the tml, which I thought would be good for a scarf. Immediately after having that idea, I popped over to the tosh website to see if any was in their Ravelry store, since this is not a retail base and can only be found on the tosh site and through destashes. I found a half dozen or so and picked out 2 colors that I thought would potentially work with the grey and red already in my stash. A week or so later, I checked Ravelry destashes and found a couple more. There was no real plan, I was just trying to stay with 'guy' colors so I could get my son to model. The last 2 colors arrived today. I ended up deciding against the grey, so here is the palette I will be using -

I like it okay - I think it will be great for a guy, but I wasn't overly excited about it until I put the photo above on my project page, right below the house picture placeholder:

Isn't it amazing how close the colors are? Totally unplanned!

I've already cast on and am really enjoying knitting with this yarn!