Sunday, December 30, 2012

The year in review - 2012

I always like to count up how many things I finish in a year's time. I knit a LOT this year.  I also published almost twice as many designs as in 2011.  Final tally:
15 designs published (6 shawls, 3 vests, 4 cowls/scarves, 1 sweater, 1 blanket/throw)
14 shawls knit
11 cowls knit
5 vests knit
5 sweaters knit
2 baby blankets knit
1 scarf knit
1 set of baby shoes

Only one of my FOs was not my own designs - the tiny baby shoes. There are lots of other people's designs I want to knit. I guess I'll get to them when I finish knitting up all the ideas in my head!

Looks like I covered the color spectrum pretty well - even managed to knit in some almost-blue :)

Goals for 2013? Hmmm, I will think on that and try to post on New Year's Day.