Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Plans for 2013

I really only have two goals this year. I'd like to publish 18 patterns (up 3 from last year), and I'd like to try to reduce the stash a bit. I've found stash reduction difficult since I started designing full-time, but I know I have also gone yarn shopping just because I wanted to.  So the goals are:
1. Publishing up
2. Stashing down

The FOs will happen just because that is an important part of the design process. I do have a few WIPs laying about:
1. An afghan in a truly ugly color of Brown Sheep that I plan to overdye if I ever finish it.

2. A reknit of Litchfield to double-check something before I published the pattern

3. A lace weight cardi

4. A vest that only needs finishing

5. A super simple garter stitch triangle shawl meant to use up leftovers of Cascade 220

6. A reknit of FabergĂ© that I started for MadMay last  year

7. A cowl/wrap thing that was to be my mindless knitting for traveling

8. A Vice Versa scarf with different sized blocks

9. A throw-sized Teaberry

10. My first attempt at my latest sweater pattern-in-progress

11. A SSC in a pretty hand-dyed bulky that is my current mindless project

Most of these I will finish eventually. Designs in progress just always come first!


  1. Luv that vest that needs finishing. Does it need a test knitter? Pm me: Patternwhisperer on rav

  2. I too suffer from knitting addiction. Lesrned when I was 7. I am now 60. ;-)

  3. oooh, I really like the vest too. Will it be published?

  4. My goal now is to not buy any more yarn. My yarn database lists 785 different entries (not skeins, yarn type & color). I can't give away my cashmere (1/2 of the stash), so am knitting coats, cardigans and sweaters feverishly in cashmere hoping to reduce the stash. I love your patterns, especially the bold color block shawls. However, having knitted 15 shawls in 2012, I'm shawled out (have no one more to gift them to) so garments are my mantra. Hope that your goals are realized.