Friday, December 29, 2006

Last Gasp

Had to make a quick trip to the LYS to get one more skein of Lamb's Pride Bulky to finish the felted boxes for my brother and his wife. Naturally my daughter and I had to check out the sale items. She talked me into buying some discontinued Classic Elite Wings - 11 skeins in Woodland Green. ("It's not January yet!") Hopefully it will be enough for a shortened Viking Turid. Several items also got added to the to-be-knit-soon list: the shop owner gave both of us a skein of Aurora 8 to knit hats for her son's unit in Iraq, and we ran into my daughter's babysitter from years ago - she's expecting twins very soon! I think I can manage a couple of baby sweaters from the stash.
So, I have this last felted box, my husband's sweater, a hat, 2 baby sweaters, and a scarf for a friend (she bought the yarn) in my must-do pile. Then I can attack the UFOs and the stash. I'll work on a UFO list for next time. No way I'm listing the stash. It would be too demoralizing - I want to pretend I am going to make a sizable dent in it this year. I reserve the right to unload some stuff on eBay if I decide I'm never going to get around to knitting it.