Saturday, December 30, 2006

The WIPs and UFOs

Currently working on or planning to pick up asap:
  • Sweater for the Husband
  • Felted bag
  • FLAK sweater
  • Partial redo of Orange Tweed sweater

Must knits:

  • Cap to be sent to LYS owner's son's unit in Iraq - asap
  • 2 baby sweaters - asap
  • Friend's scarf - asap
  • Felted lunch bag for daughter
  • Felted box for Dad's birthday - March 2
  • Something for Mom - March 4

UFOs that can wait:

  • Bird's Nest Shawl
  • Diamond Fantasy Shawl
  • Charlotte's Web III (needs border)
  • Einstein Coat
  • Learn-to-Knit Afghan
  • Celtic Cable Sweater
  • Mohair Wrap

Plan of attack:

  1. Cap to be sent to Iraq (should be quick)
  2. Finish Husband's sweater (It was supposed to be a Christmas present after all)
  3. Baby sweaters (she's due soon!)
  4. Friend's scarf (it would be nice if she could wear it this Winter...)

This will have to be reevaluated as the parent birthdays approach. I may try to work the lunch bag in as my mindless project. Once these are done, I will prioritize the rest.