Thursday, December 28, 2006

A New Year's Resolution?

Do I dare? Can I be trusted? I want to resolve to knit solely from the stash for 2007. I have too much yarn. Lovely yarn that I bought because I wanted to knit it. Not quite S.A.B.L.E., but getting there. Once the UFOs are down to a reasonable amount and I'm casting about for a new project, with nothing I specific that I want to knit, I thought I might write down the stash yarns on scraps of paper, put them in a hat, and knit up whatever I pull out. (I may decide to leave the bulky and aran weight yarns out of the Spring and Summer drawings, and the lace weights out of the Fall and Winter ones.) If I can do it, I could reward myself with enough Silk Garden to do that Garterlac throw I've been coveting. Sounds like a plan, but I still don't know if I can be trusted. There is that trip to Orchardside coming up in March. I may have to plan an exception for that. I really hate to make resolutions and not keep them. If I post it on the internet, maybe I will be shamed into submission.