Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Okay. A Plan. For the next couple of months anyway.

This month - finish Dad's mitts. Let shoulder stop hurting :(

  • finish Blackberry scarf

  • finish Ribbed Hoodie

  • sweater from one of my Sundara FSMs for Knitalong

  • start Yarn Chef project for Knitalong

  • finish Yarn Chef project

  • Random Small Project

  • Amelia

  • Random Bigger Project

  • more that I will decide later

The Blackberry Scarf - Adia in Sundara Sock, Night Blossom

Ribbed Hoodie in Cascade 220 Café and Japanese Maple held together

The Yarn Chef yarn I think I will use for the knitalong (subject to change of course) - Café au Lait in Picholine

The Sundara I think I want to use isn't here yet - Fingering Silky Merino in Alpine Algae (blue-green and brown I think...)

The Amelia will be out of this - Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label in Stormy (

I'm going to have two yarn jars to draw the Random Projects from - one for small projects, one for bigger ones. The list of yarn I have for big projects (>500 yds) is 93 items long. The list of yarn for small projects is 23 long. I think that's weird. And expensive.
So, this should keep me hopping for awhile. I will at least do a status update/regrouping post near the end of each month.