Friday, February 6, 2009

The Process

1. Hmmm....

2. oooohh - this looks So Cool!

3. I wonder if it can be done...

Yes! But needs some tweaking...

4. Little tweak

think I'm ready to knit a whole block...

5. BIG tweak (this was hard!)

6. Plays with colors/tweaks some more

7. Plays with more colors/tweaks some more/tests directions

8. Plays with border idea

9. I think I've got it! I'll use the Good Stuff this time!

The maths -

The finished product!


  1. Wow. So that's how it is done. I would have never thought about the hinged mirror - nicely done! (that is is a quote, not meant to be patronizing).

  2. Thanks! The hinged mirror was something I used in quilting with kaleidoscope-type blocks. It's great to get an idea of what you might end up with before you start the cutting, or knitting in this case!