Sunday, February 22, 2009


I didn't realize anyone read this (other than my daughter!) much less commented on it, so when I was flipping back through my posts and saw a comment here and there I felt bad that I hadn't responded! I didn't even know if there was a way to be notified of comments, but I've fixed that so hopefully I will find out about them in a timely manner now.

I guess I won't get rid of this blog, although I doubt I'll post too often. I may do another goal list for 2009 (a little late, but whatever) as that was a big help in keeping me motivated the first year I did it. I don't want to duplicate what I do on Ravelry, so that's still the best place to see what I'm working on. I will try to keep the cool knitting meter I found on Malgorzata's blog up-to-date.

I do have a comment to make about my stash - I am mortified that I am teetering on the brink of having a 2nd page of stash (list view) on Ravelry! And that's not really all of my yarn - I haven't entered the odd skein here or there (except for Sundara) unless it's lace weight. So most of my stash items = a sweater or a shawl. (FYI - one list page on Rav = 100 items.) I am going to try to use keeping my stash to one page as incentive to cut back on buying yarn. (Which pretty much means I have to use up a stash item before I can buy anything else! Ack!) I'm learning to use Excel in a computer class I'm taking and I've downloaded my stash into a spreadsheet - pretty cool! I keep thinking it would be fun to have all my stashed yarn listed on little strips of paper that I put in a jar. When I want to start something new, I would draw a slip our and have to use whatever yarn was on it. This would not mean I couldn't also have other things on the needle, but that I'd always have one project on the needles from the Stash Jar. Maybe that will be part of my goal list. We'll see. I think I need to go knit now.