Sunday, February 4, 2007


...knitting from the stash may cause lusting after more of a particular yarn. I cast on 3XChic from knitty last night using Cascade 128 Tweed. Sleeve 1 is done and I'm about to cast on for sleeve 2. I LOVE THIS YARN! I went searching online this morning in case I need anther skein, but almost no one carries it and of course no one seems to have the color I'm using. I have some plain Cascade 128 which feels nice too, but I haven't knit with it yet. It is more widely available at least.

This is partially why my stash has gotten too big - when I fall in love with a yarn, it seems like it's usually one that is either discontinued or not widely available so I feel like I have to stock up on it. This happened with Araucania Nature Wool last fall, I have enough to knit 2 more sweaters in the Chunky and 5 more in the Worsted. And I'm still trolling eBay for more. It's a sickness, I tell you.

Anyway, I'll probably finish this sweater by next weekend. I need a break from obligatory knitting.