Monday, April 28, 2008

More frogging and a new project that's already done!

I frogged the Silky Wool sweater and tossed the cotton patiné top. I tried the Silky Wool sweater on and wasn't happy enough with what was already knit to keep on. The cotton patiné top I would have worn if I'd been able to knit the sleeves, but I really didn't like it as a sleeveless top. I didn't frog it because of the fading.

One pedicure sock is done, I'll post pictures when I finish the other one - I'm about 1/2 way through now. The Cache Coeur is being edged. Which is very tedious. And involves picking up lots of stitches. And doing this cool 4-wrap stitch which is a complete pain to slide along the circular cable up to the needle to be knit. I literally spent hours coaxing the stitches along for one side edging. I think when I get the energy up to tackle the next side I will use a bunch of dpns to do the wrapped stitches. This may take awhile...

I started and finished a mug cozy in a day.

Can anyone say "Christmas presents"?

And, here's a better picture of the back of the Yoga Hoodie -