Monday, April 21, 2008

Completed: 1 Started: 2 Frogged: 1

The Yoga Hoodie is done - I love it! Here's a shot before blocking -

I cast on for some Pedicure Socks from knitty and the Cache Coeur from Weekend Knits.

Ravelry is really getting my knitting organized! It's so nice to have all the things I want to knit stored in one place, plus a stash inventory and a list of other peoples' projects to check for tips, problems, yarn substitutions, etc. (That's how I decided to knit the Yoga Hoodie with the Cotton Ease in my stash.) At first I was putting everything I wanted to knit into my queue which got huge fast. Then I decided to only put things in my queue that I expect to knit in the (fairly) near future. The rest are listed as favorite patterns. I've also enjoyed clicking on the yarn tab to see what others have made with yarns I have and how they liked them. I haven't participated much in the forums yet, although I do have several areas I keep up with.

The Malabrigo sweater is no more. Rather than just ripping back to the armholes I decided to rip it all the way out and return the yarn to the stash. Not sure right now what I want to knit with it.

Time to check on the goals for this year again:

  1. Shawl-collared vest COMPLETE
  2. Fix DH's sweater DONE
  3. Finish Tangled Yoke DONE
  4. Toggles on CPH
  5. Finish Malabrigo sweater FROGGED
  6. Finish Silky Wool sweater (UFO - needs sleeves)
  7. Finish Cotton Patiné top (UFO - seam and knit edging for armholes)
  8. Bird's Nest shawl (UFO - 33% completed)
  9. Heartland shawl (UFO - maybe 15% completed)
  10. Lamb's Pride cardigan FROGGED
  11. Einstein coat (UFO - about 60% completed)
  12. Celtic Knot FROGGED

So I've dealt with half of my list - either by finishing or frogging. Hopefully I'll get 5-8 done this spring and summer and finish up the Einstein and CPH this fall.