Monday, January 29, 2007

Ahead of schedule

January's projects are DONE!

Baby sweaters DONE!
Iraq hat DONE!
Husband sweater DONE!
Partial redo of orange tweed sweater DONE!
Finish felted bag DONE! (but not felted yet)
Friend's scarf DONE! PLUS I made her a matching Calorimetry

Revised February to-do list:
  • finish FLAK (sleeves need to be knit/reknit)
  • felted box for Dad in his school colors (felt bag at the same time)
  • Argosy from Winter '06 knitty for Mom
  • Undecided sweater - either Equestrian Blazer, Celtic Cabled sweater (UFO), Cascade 128 Tweed sweater, or cabled sweater in Araucania Naturewool Chunky. May not finish, but should make a good start.

I did buy more yarn, it fit my exceptions rules though. Rowanspun Aran in Caviar to knit the Equestrian Blazer in. I saw knittingspaz's EB knit in this and found the yarn in a color I adore on eBay. I want to knit that next, but may wait until next month since I will still be able to wear it when it's a bit closer to spring. The Araucania or Cascade 128 sweaters won't be wearable for long this year, so I should make one of them first.