Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Plan

Here's my plan for the next few months: [subject to change without notice ;o) ]


  • Baby sweater(s) (WIP)
  • Husband sweater (WIP)
  • Partial redo of orange tweed sweater
  • Finish felted bag (UFO)
  • Friend's scarf (NEW)
  • Lunch bag (NEW)


  • FLAK (UFO)
  • Celtic cabled sweater (UFO)
  • Triple Mohair Triangle (UFO) for Mom?
  • Felted box for Dad


  • 128 Tweed sweater (NEW)
  • Vest I (NEW)


  • Vest II (NEW)
  • Einstein Coat (UFO)


  • Kureyon sweater (NEW)


  • Bird's Nest Shawl (UFO)
  • Learn to Knit Afghan (UFO)


  • Diamond Fantasy Shawl (UFO)
  • Charlotte III (UFO)

That will take care of my current UFOs and WIPs. Probably too ambitious, but it gives me something to shoot for! (Working on UFOs doesn't make much of a dent in the stash, but I'll be able to cast on for several projects once they're all done.)

The baby sweater is done except for the ties. Daughter is about 1/3 of the way through the second one. LYS did not have any more of the yarn for the Iraq cap, so that's on hold until she gets it in. It's not on the list because I will finish it asap and it won't take but an hour or two. Both sleeves have been cast on for Husband sweater and are currently about 6 inches long. I'm knitting EZ's seamless saddle shoulder sweater.