Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My exceptions

I see that others attempting to knit from the stash this year are allowing themselves exceptions. I don't knit socks, so I won't have the "sock yarn doesn't count" exemption, I'm not going to any sheep and wool festivals, so I won't have the "festival yarn doesn't count" exemption, and I don't spin, so I won't have the "fleece, etc doesn't count" exemption. My exemption will be one of my top 10 yarns at a ridiculously low price. My top 10:
  1. Cascade 220 - any of the heathers or tweeds specifically
  2. Cascade 128
  3. Araucania Nature Wool (Worsted or Chunky)
  4. Artful Yarns Jazz (discontinued)
  5. Jo Sharp Silkroad (tweed or not, any weight)
  6. Rowan Tweed (any)
  7. Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and Silky Tweed
  8. Malabrigo
  9. Noro Kureyon
  10. New Tweed

I could happily knit with nothing but these 10 yarns. Yes, I like wool, yes I like tweed. My definition of a ridiculously low price? Anything half price or below.

Progress report: Baby sweater #1 should be completed tonight, except for the ties. (I need to buy ribbon for them.) Daughter insists that she will knit baby sweater #2. I'll give her a week to get a good start, then I'm at least going to help her out. I've knit about 4 inches on the first sleeve of Husband's sweater. I should get the yarn I need to finish the Iraq hat tomorrow, and have that done by tomorrow night.