Friday, January 19, 2007

Finished, finished, finished, finished, and nearly finished

Finished: Baby sweater. Opted for crocheted chains for the ties.
Finished: Iraq hat.
Finished: Calorimetry in stash yarn (in one day!)
Finished: Husband's sweater.
Nearly finished: Baby sweater #2.

Film at 11. Or tomorrow. Or maybe Sunday.

Potential new project - the cover sweater of the new KnitScene. I have some Lamb's Pride Bulky stashed that would be perfect. Should be a fairly quick knit, but would still cause some project bumping. If it's fairly mindless knitting, it could go into the mindless knitting queue after the bag and the Friend's scarf.

My LYS owner recommended Classic Knitted Vests by Nancy Wiseman, but she had no copies left, so I found one on eBay. I bought Folk Vests with my Christmas present gift certificate, so between the two, I should at least have a starting point for the vests I want to knit. I suspect I will end up designing my own, but probably after knitting at least one from a pattern so I have a better idea of the construction. I know they seem simple - no sleeves! But the armhole has to be finished in some way and the size (of the armhole) must be right. What I really want is a one-piece construction cabled vest that buttons or zips or fastens in some way rather than going over the head. I think an Elsebeth Lavold book I bought recently may also have a vest in it, plus I've always wanted to make her Cul-de-Sac in Knitters. (At least two of the yarns in my stash were bought with that vest in mind.)