Saturday, January 6, 2007

One sleeve down...

... on Husband's sweater, 7" to go on the second. I think I am going to do I-cord ties on the baby sweater instead of ribbons, but haven't felt like tackling that yet. Daughter may have stalled out on her baby sweater - I don't think she's worked on it for a few days now. Those babies aren't going to wait for her.

Turns out that Mom can't knit with mohair - it makes her hands break out. So I guess a mohair wrap would not be a good birthday present. I have no other ideas at the moment - it may be that I won't be knitting her present this year.

The last of my pre-January 1 yarn purchases arrived today. Some nice brown and white light worsted from eBay. That will be it unless something really cheap turns up! It's odd how we get so excited about a yarn, buy it, then toss it in the stash and keep buying more. I think it's necessary to have a stash to work from, I just feel like mine needs to be smaller. Right, I'd best get to work.