Saturday, January 27, 2007


Bought 2 skeins of Araucania at more than half price. But it's a color I really love and will probably buy more of if I come across it. Distressing lack of willpower, that. I should stop checking out eBay.

The orange tweed sweater is redone and blocked. The baby sweaters are nestled in their box, waiting to be wrapped and delivered. The bag is waiting to be felted. The friend scarf is about 3/4 finished. My original January to-do list had a felted lunch bag which has been shelved for now - DD says she doesn't really need it, so it can wait. I guess it was replaced with that impulsive Calorimetry.

I've gone through all my old Interweave Knits and made index cards for each pattern I want to knit. I will eventually go through my other knitting magazines and do the same thing. It's amazing what you can forget about. I pulled about half a dozen things I want to knit sooner rather than later, including a vest pattern that may be Vest #1. It will be a lot easier to pull out all the cards with sweater patterns I want to knit than to look through every single magazine and when I am looking for something to knit. To be thorough I should go through pattern leaflets and books also. This could take years.